Get Your Information into Shape

The primary bottleneck to innovation and insight is getting the right information into the right shape. Today teams of analysts, engineers and ETL specialists take weeks or months building processes to prepare data for analysis. The size and inconsistency of big data creates an even bigger bottleneck. BigDataMonkey eliminates this bottleneck.

BigDataMonkey provides automated data shaping that lets an analyst ingest, cleanse, join and restructure data on Hadoop without ETL or programming. Disparate data is automatically combined and shaped into the requested format.  It is made available within your current tools to enable discovery, analysis, modeling or warehousing. Imagine the impact when the information you want in the format you need is available with little effort or cost.

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Discover the Data Lake

What is Automated Data Shaping
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Shape Information in the Data Lake

A Data Lake is a comprehensive Hadoop repository storing information from any system, source or structure. BigDataMonkey efficiently fills and shapes data in the Data Lake.  Break down disparate silos of information and provide a complete picture of your operation, your customer, your challenges and your next opportunity.

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The Right Data in the Right Format

Ingest raw data into Hadoop from databases, files or cloud services. Analyze its content, structure and semantics. Clean, integrate and restructure it automatically to match the format needed. Combining semantic analysis and machine learning, BigDataMonkey delivers useful data quickly and easily for a fraction of the cost.

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Hadoop Makes Data Shaping Possible

Before Hadoop, data had to be prepared before it could be stored and queried. Now data can be ingested, profiled, cleansed and shaped directly on Hadoop. BigDataMonkey delivers a browser based data shaping platform that takes full advantage of Hadoop technologies like HDFS, Hive, Pig, Map Reduce, Oozie, Sqoop and Flume.

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